Targeted Push Notifications

Targeted Push Notifications

We all hate SPAM emails, like someone offering to tarmac you’re driveway in Florida USA and you live in Strasbourg France.. which does bring up marketing short comings and makes you think .. can marketing campaigns be targeted better.




Eventro integrated a simple notification system that allows a location to be targeted by setting a radius around the location so a notification can be sent once an app subscriber steps over the boundary. We used a technology called Geofire to achieve this as it integrated well with our Firebase and offered the flexibility of handling our notifications automatically and hooking into our Parse Server services, forwarding pushes to Apple and Google Play. We also enable a 24 hr lock on push notifications, so only one would be sent in a single day.




Target push notifications offer a locative channel for marketing, and sending relative real-time useful information to people in the form of a text message, e.g. “here’s a coupon code for a free coffee at Starbucks”, or you could even organise a location hijack so that if you are close to a Starbucks, then offer another independent coffee shop offer to get people to change their direction and seek out an alternative to Starbucks.

Meat pack  successfully created such a campaign to get subscribers to exit competitors shops by offering a price countdown so if subscribers left a competitors shop, they had to run and reach Meat Pack stores as quickly as possible as the faster they got there the cheaper they got the shoes. Pedro Rodriguez got a record breaking 89% discount!




Meat Pack is the trendiest shoe store in Guatemala, a brand known for its edgy, irreverent style and a store known for its special discounts in limited edition kicks, including brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma had a very famous hijack campaign in 2012.

GPS location offers many ways to engage live with potential customers, and send relative information that can change their habits and offer alternatives. Eventro also has the option to send broadcast targeted messages to an audience also, for example if we wanted to send out a health and safety message to all attendees at an event, security message etc. or traffic shape crowds and inform them if a service is broken down and give them an alternative in real-time.

Locative strategies can really help people stay informed in real-time and let’s them plan an alternative should a situation arise. GPS logging also offers a way to collate movement data and statistics after an event has taken place. Movement data can help in future event organisation and gives great insights to traffic movement.

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