VR 360 degree videos

VR 360 degree videos

We have been experimenting with Unity and recently integrated Google Cardboard and have created a concept app to pull 360 degree images and video form our backend. We wanted to create a way to attach images/video to GPS coordinates, for example a heritage trail could show historic artifact’s in the form of 3D Models. We are working on a project to show secret creatures in the form of Fairy’s for Galgorm Castle trail, which is basically a Fairy trail for children. This is another project we are doing with Brilliant Trails.



Unity is traditionally a closed gaming engine for consoles and casual phone games, but we see massive potential for using the engine on outdoor serious game applications as it can be combined with Google Cardboard and Vuforia to create interactive locative based story telling experiences. Getting all this technology to work together seamlessly has been difficult and Unity has proved to be more complex due to the incompatibility issues of PC’s/ Mac’s and various mobile devices, but with some perseverance we got a good demo built to hook into our CMS.




Our friends at Billygoat Entertainment developed the models above for their game Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (please download their game) and we have seen them work hard to make amazing 3D models, and we think these ideas can be taken out form traditional gaming context and used in the real world, essentially creating virtual real estate, where we can experience mixed reality story telling experiences. Minority Report is a while away, but for now we can leverage our mobile devices and interact with a live environment until we get our Augmented Reality glasses!

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