Open space wayfinding

Open space wayfinding

Apps created on our platform have Augmented Reality (AR) way finding as standard and we have been getting good feedback on how useful this can be in open park type spaces. Many outdoor park spaces are not mapped on Google and we integrated an option to add GPX data files to our platform so the paths and tracks can be marked on both our online and offline maps. This combined with the AR way finding can help navigate parks and woodland areas much more easily by using the phone’s compass and camera display.

We think these concept will be used more and more as we can over lay data on top of the camera view and get relevant information back quickly and help us better navigate open spaces. This is also useful in urban areas as generally we just need the basic direction and distance to narrow down a target location.

Tilting our app will trigger the AR view and we think this should be standard on location apps as it gives the user a choice to flip between both views.


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